Gina Dust


Gerding Family photo shoot

Matt and Courtney are awesome people and they have an adorable family. Don’t you think?! Their son, Noah is such a sweetheart. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Matt to create websites and branding for two of his companies, so I was thrilled when Courtney asked me to photograph her family! I am so excited to share a few pictures from their family session. The lighting was just perfect too! Here’s a peek of a few favorites from their session. Enjoy! If you would like to book a photo session, please contact me or view details about my photography services!

Dinner at Tahiti Nui

During our stay near Hanalei, we stopped for dinner at a small casual spot called Tahiti Nui. We discovered this place on Yelp, when we were trying to find nearby dinner spots. I decided to wear my new Hawaiian flower hair piece that I got in Maui made by a local artist named Leipua Flowers and just in case it gets a little chilly, my Lululemon Sun to Moon Scarf. I always travel with this scarf! It’s so easy to wear or pack in your bag and you can wear it 3 different ways (as a scarf, a wrap, and a poncho)! One piece of interesting news about Tahiti Nui, is that it was part of a scene from the movie in the The Descendants with George…

Dowell Family photo shoot

I recently met with a friend to photograph her beautiful family! It was so much fun! Her little ones are just precious and they did a great job in front of the camera! We also lucked out with some fantastic weather – the temperature must have been low 70s / high 60s in the middle of November! Here’s a sneak peek of this adorable family!

Kahului hiking trail day trip adventure

Greetings from the beautiful garden isle of Kauai. On our first day here, we wanted to make the trek through the Kahului trail along the cliffs of the Napali Coast. Despite warning from locals to beware of the trail during wet conditions, we decided to go after an early morning rainfall. Lucky for us we finished unhurt and lots of beautiful scenery to experience! This trail is part of a popular area in the northern section of Kauai, and as a result Napali coastline tours are available by both boat and helicopter. You’ve probably seen it in the beginning part of Jurassic Park. We opted for a sunset cruise later in the week to witness the beauty from the ocean! This trail was pretty crowded and narrow in some…