Greetings from the beautiful garden isle of Kauai. On our first day here, we wanted to make the trek through the Kahului trail along the cliffs of the Napali Coast. Despite warning from locals to beware of the trail during wet conditions, we decided to go after an early morning rainfall. Lucky for us we finished unhurt and lots of beautiful scenery to experience!


This trail is part of a popular area in the northern section of Kauai, and as a result Napali coastline tours are available by both boat and helicopter. You’ve probably seen it in the beginning part of Jurassic Park. We opted for a sunset cruise later in the week to witness the beauty from the ocean!

This trail was pretty crowded and narrow in some areas, it seems like maybe it was the time of year. If you are somewhat active and ready for a challenge, this trail is sight to see and best of all is free to do! Stay aware of the drop-offs and furthermore listen to locals advice to avoid during wet conditions. Most importantly, have fun!


Outfit details:

Shirt: Nike DryFit, Bottoms: Lululemon, Shoulder Bag: Lululemon Good Fortune Bag (old)

Favorite gear for trekking around Kahului Trail

Have you been to the Kahului hiking trail? Tell us about your experience or what your favorite gear you brought with you below in the comments!


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